What We Need

New, unopened, in original packaging only


  • School and art supplies – pencils, gluesticks, blank notebooks, crayons, colored pencils, highlighters, scissors
  • Toys – Beanie Babies, Bionicles, Beading kits, stickers, hot wheels toys, small cars and trucks, infant and toddler toys
  • Toiletries – travel size only – toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, razor, toothbrush, detergent

You can also create a unique piece that is useful or decorative. Here are ideas from past collections. We encourage you to be creative!

Monetary donations are accepted, and will be used in full to purchase items being collected.

Children’s Hospital Oakland will provide a receipt for tax purposes if needed. Please contact us directly for more information on making a tax-exempt donation.

Donation bins will be located in the assembly area by the bookstall every Saturday during a collection drive.

For a complete list of items required by the hospital click here.