Ideas for Kids

The best part of this Seva is that children can come forward and do something special for another child. Whether it be writing a letter, donating something, creating a piece of art, or anything else. Your imagination is the limit.

Check out our gallery to see some past ideas on how children have helped out –

> Writing notecards with caring messages that will go on the lunch trays of children at the hospital

> Creating original paintings that can be hung up in patient rooms or general areas in the hospital

> Creating customized placemats with original artwork

> Creating a quilt with patches made by each child from a class all sown together

No piece of work is too small or ‘not good enough’. If you decide to do or create something and put your whole heart into it, your love will shine through.  It is bound to be special and just may bring a smile to someone’s face. No one enjoys being sick, and if you can make someone feel loved and cared for in their hour of pain then you are doing the best work possible. So get started today!

When you are ready to submit, send us a note.